Quienes somos?

En esencia, Makeship es una plataforma de mercadería impulsada por la comunidad que acerca a los fanáticos y creadores. Hacemos que sea fácil para los creadores dar vida a sus personajes mediante la personalización de productos personalizados de alta calidad.

by fans!

Makeship doesn't just make plush toys.
We build memories.

The Team!

Rakan, CEO and Cofounder

Rakan is very exceptional when it comes to managing his team and business strategy.

Kimothy, Campaign Success Manager

Kim is our overly enthusiastic campaign manager who enjoys working with our creators to wow their audience. She’s often blending a smoothie or whipping up one of her newest baking creations for the team.

Pablo, CRO and Cofounder

Pablo is our Revenue Officer. He manages our technology and some sales. Always happy to go for a bike ride or rock climbing.

Ethan, Sales Director

Ethan is a top dog when it comes to sales and managing business relationships.

Avril, Designer

Avril can't go anywhere without a pen and paper. She is a lover of the arts and one of our illustrators here at Makeship. You can often find her dancing or spicing up some walls with murals!

Hugo, Illustrator

Hugo's responsibilities range from drawing backgrounds to designing plush toys' schematics.

Jenny, Campaign Success Manager

Jenny is Kim's partner in crime as a campaign success manager. She is often doing "research" for campaign strategies but that is really just code for binging addictive content on all social media platforms!

Michael, Designer

Michael is always doodling, while he's eating, while he's working, whenever there is a chance to really! If you can't find him at the drawing table you can find him head deep in a giant cup of coffee.

Jonny, Director of Partnerships

Jonny is dedicated to building long lasting partnerships with the creators and agencies we work with. Anytime he's not partnering with creators, you can find him on a hockey rink, playing games, or hanging out with friends!