Environmental Impact

Updated August 12th, 2020

Our part in the environment and you
Makeship is Canadian company that produces hundreds of thousands of plush toys each year, which leaves an impact on the environment in all stages of its lifecycle.

We love making plush toys, but we don’t want to make them at the cost of the world. Here is what Makeship is doing to play its role in climate change, and the steps we still need to take.

What are we doing?
Starting at the beginning of 2020 every plush toy purchase on makeship.com contributes a fair amount of money into carbon offsetting programs. Our goal is to make each plush toy carbon neutral before 2022. In addition, our plush toy packaging starting April 2020 campaigns is reusable.

What does this mean?
For every plush toy made, we make a donation to Forests International for the recapturing of carbon dioxide through the plantation of trees in Canada and Zanzibar.

With these donations, Forests International not only restores lost forests, but also allows for agricultural and business opportunities for these communities. You will still get your quality plush toy while reducing the impact on the environment.

How do we calculate this?
This is a difficult question, but in general, we calculate the amount of material used to produce the plush toys, and all the associated carbon dioxide emissions including shipping and transportation.

Currently, it looks like this:

To produce a 100 gram Polyester plush toy it takes:

  • Energy: 12.5 MJ
  • Hydrocarbons (oil): 0.15 kg
  • Water: 1.7 L
  • CO2: 300g of CO2 emitted

Source: https://oecotextiles.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/estimating-the-carbon-footprint-of-a-fabric/

To ship a plush toy across the world via airplane it takes:

  • Mass: 100 grams
  • Distance: 9000 km
  • CO2 produced: 1607 grams

Source: https://timeforchange.org/co2-emissions-for-shipping-of-goods/

We then sum both of the amounts of CO2 produced, and donate $50 per Tonne of CO2 to Forests International. This is one of the highest dollars per tonne of CO2 recovery in the world, but we think it’s worth it to focus on tree plantation over other methods such as buying carbon credits from solar panel installations.

Responsible Packaging
Starting in April 2020, all our packaging is reusable.

Your plushie comes in a bag that can be used multiple times so don’t throw it away! We want to make sure that our products create the least amount of impact during the whole lifecycle of your plushie, including packaging. The best thing you can do as a consumer is to reuse your packaging for something else.

What are we working on next?

Right now we are working on making all the mailing bags out of compostable materials. We are hoping the new mailer bags will be launched some time in Q4 2020.

Our job is far from over. We understand that there are a lot of other activities that produce carbon dioxide emissions as a direct result of our company activities. There are also many other areas of improvement regarding our manufacturing process and materials, but we are working on them!

Some of the areas of improvement include:

  • Commuting to the office, and other transportation
  • Second-hand emissions, like office equipment
  • Recyclable Materials and closed-loop integrations in manufacturing

Have feedback? Shoot us a message at team@makeship.com we’d love to chat! :)

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