By Seelmaru

Grimbelle Longboi


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Ya'll ever wanna snuggle up to a pool noodle? Of course you have, who hasn't. But wait! What if the pool noodle was fluff an soff! And had horns!? Got you excited, haven't I? Well look no further, for your grubby sausage fingers have found their new home in the soft fleshy tube shapes of Grimbelle Marketable Plushy TM. Pick up its lifeless corpses and make it do a little wiggle dance while yelling "Grimbelle Ro ta t E". Play with Grimbelle's weird spiral tail all you want, it's not alive and won't get grumpy! It's okay, THEY ARE LIFELESS... cute!


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icon arrows icon arrows Height: 12cm / Length: 50cm
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We expanded the Plushies to be super snuggly

longboi-ruler longboi-ruler-mobile
longboi-hug longboi-hug-dark

You Can Hug It

longboi-collect longboi-collect dark

You Can Collect It

longboi-pillow longboi-pillow-dark

You Can Use It As A Pillow