By Oz Media

Oz Media Longboi


267 out of 200 goal

As many of you may remember we kicked off the original campaign to help put an end to the Mole Person epidemic...

Unfortunately... During the cloning process.. a few mistakes were made which have resulted in some.. long results..

I introduce to you, in full, the new looooong boi Mini-Oz Plush. Now with far more length -Ozwaldo October"

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icon truck icon truck PRE-ORDER: Shipped By July 11
icon arrows icon arrows Height: 12cm / Length: 50cm
icon info icon info Please Refer To Our FAQ For More Info


We expanded the Plushies to be super snuggly

longboi-ruler longboi-ruler-mobile
longboi-hug longboi-hug-dark

You Can Hug It

longboi-collect longboi-collect dark

You Can Collect It

longboi-pillow longboi-pillow-dark

You Can Use It As A Pillow