About Makeship

What is Makeship?

Makeship is a Canadian 🇨🇦  crowdfunding platform for content creators. Through collaborations with creators, we enable the design and creation of high-quality, limited edition custom products and experiences.

We are not a traditional crowdfunding platform, we design, manufacture, test, and ship all the products we put our name on. Our approach for campaigns is extremely data-centric, we help each of our creators to launch a successful campaign.

Simply put, we are the easiest way to launch a high quality product.


What do we value?

  1. Quality We test all our products extensively, they are designed to last
  2. Sustainability Success should not come at the cost of the environment, read our environmental policies here
  3. Transparency We value honesty above all, and it shows through our interactions, sales, and policies
  4. Long-lasting Relationships Makeship builds long term relationships with our creators, we work with them through multiple campaigns
  5. Unique products Our products are sold as a limited-edition campaign, we don't produce the same campaign twice, each design is custom drawn by our team
  6. Simplicity Working with us is extremely easy and straightforward, if you want to work with us just shoot us an email at team@makeship.com


The Team!



Rakan, CEO and Cofounder

Rakan is very exceptional when it comes to managing his team and business strategy.

Pablo, CRO and Cofounder

Pablo is our Revenue Officer. He manages our technology and some sales. Always happy to go for a bike ride or rock climbing.

Ethan, Sales Director

Ethan is a top dog when it comes to sales and managing business relationships.

Hugo, Illustrator

Hugo's responsibilities range from drawing backgrounds to designing plush toys' schematics.

Avril, Illustrator

Avril can't go anywhere without a pen and paper. She is a lover of the arts and one of our illustrators here at Makeship. You can often find her dancing or spicing up some walls with murals!

Jenny, Partnerships

Jenny is often doing "research" for campaign strategies but that is really just code for binging addictive content on all social media platforms!

Michael, Head of Design

Michael is always doodling, while he's eating, while he's working, whenever there is a chance to really! If you can't find him at the drawing table you can find him head deep in a giant cup of coffee.

Jonny, Director of Partnerships

Jonny is dedicated to building long lasting partnerships with the creators and agencies we work with. Anytime he's not partnering with creators, you can find him on a hockey rink, playing games, or hanging out with friends!

Elize, Illustrator

Elize is a colour-loving, coffee drinking, all around creator, who usually has their head in the clouds dreaming up new ideas. When they aren’t creating, you’ll find Elize doing contact staff, adding to their collection of curiosities, or wandering through a plant store.

Dylan, Partnerships

Dylan is our resident partnerships nerd, who enjoys immersing himself in the world of business and creator partnerships. When he's not pre-occupied with turning his favourite content creators (and their OCs) into marketable plushies, he enjoys craft beer, snowboarding, golfing, and a long list of video-games.

Akram, Software Developer

Akram is a full stack developer. He is passionate about technology, and building digital products and experiences. If you don't see him coding, you will probably find him playing board games or watching Netflix with friends!

Brenda, Social Media Guru

Brenda is a writer at heart with a knack for gaming, music, and wellness. She takes pride in building communities and is always one with the people. When offline, you can find her in savasana, sipping iced matcha, or scratching 0.5mm pens in her journal.